Love for Books

How did my love for books begin? I have always loved books. First I only enjoyed reading them when I was a child. As my collection of books grew, I needed to make more room in my home for other things, so I started selling books on Amazon. Found out it works to make money, and it made room for more books to read. I had so much fun, so I kept hunting for books at local bookstores, library sales, thrift shops, auctions and of course garage sales. Do I have more books now than I had when I started years ago? Absolutely.

I got addicted to collecting books, and my interest in selling increased. For many years I collected and sold books only when I had a time or needed some extra funds. Circumstances changed, and now books are the main focus in my life. In 2012 my life changed for the better, I got married. My husband and I sell online full-time on Amazon, eBay, and our website. More to the story to tell for another day. Got to find a book to read, and another book to sell. Would love to hear your story about books? Feel free to share.

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