Embed Video in LinkedIn Professional Profiles

Upgrade your Linkedin Profile With Video

Thanks to a client, I was turned on to an excellent networking opportunity. It is a brilliant usage of Google Docs and YouTube to embed a video into your LinkedIn profile. You can now add a Google Docs presentation that will allow you to a video into your LinkedIn professional profile.

What is LinkedIn?

Just in case I have already lost you, LinkedIn is a professional social networking community. Think of it as Facebook for business people, minus all the children, applications and games. In many ways, you can do the same thing as on Facebook, but in a social networking environment designed for professionals. LinkedIn allows you to provide a snapshot of your professional and educational experience to other members of the network. According to the website there are currently 85 million members in over 200 countries and a new member joins ever second.

What Do You Need?

Before you get to the video, you need to have a few things. First, if you don’t have one already, get a Google email account. It is a key to a lot of interesting tools even if you don’t want another email account. One of those tools is Google Docs, another is YouTube. You also need a profile at LinkedIn. You also need some way to create a video presentation. I use my desktop high definition web camera and movie editing software. If you are Mac enabled, you should have both covered. If you Windows enabled, Microsoft offers free “Movie Maker” software as part of it’s “Windows Live” package. FYI, it is basic software, but it will allow you to create a branded video. You can load the Movie Maker 2011 software ala carte or as part of the “Live Essentials” package. (I have embedded my High Def version you can find in my LinkedIn profile below Jonathan’s “How To” video, but I do use Pinnacle Ultimate 14.)

A Few Tips

I like to brand, so I used a Green Screen process, a Microsoft High Definition Web Cam and some finicky software from Pinnacle. Although you can upload a raw video, using movie making software allows you to create captions, embed images and in general spice up your video message. Remember, it will be posted on YouTube as well, so make it good. One note, be patient as in my case it took up to one hour for the movie to become accessible. I don’t know if that is a normal delay from when you up load a movie. One thing you could do is create your movie and upload it to YouTube as soon as you create your YouTube account. Be sure to leave the movie “Public” and fill in a nice selection of keywords and post it under a unique title. The unique title is important because that is the easiest way to find your movie when you search it from within Google Docs. Keep in mind this is an introductory video so 3 to 5 minutes should do just fine.

Finally, A Teleprompter?

You read it right, a teleprompter! Why you ask, would I suggest a teleprompter? My personal experience is that if you want to craft a smart message for marketing, you should have a script. In every case I am trying to share a specific message, I find that using a teleprompter for video saves me about 75% of the time. EasyPrompter offers a truly free online version that you can break out and use as a portable teleprompter. I write or copy my message into EasyPrompter and then lay it behind my movie editing program. I line all up with my Web Cam that is typically on the top of my LCD. I want to appear to be looking into the web cam. I also break my text into groups of sentences so that between text size, teleprompter speed and width of the teleprompter screen, it scrolls at a comfortable speaking cadence.

You Are Now Ready!
Now you are ready to create any video for YouTube, but why not practice on one for LinkedIn!

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