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Neale Author Website Design

Web Designs for Neale Authors is a full service Texas web design company that serves the needs of all types of writers and small publishers. Web Designs for Writers can handle all aspects of website creation, hosting, and maintenance so Neale Texaswriters can spend their time writing.

Website Design for Neale Texas Authors and Publishers

Each of our creations is a unique collaboration between the client and our designers. Neale Web Designs for Authors will discuss the website with the writer, create it, and send the client the website before it is uploaded to the web. At Web Designs for Authors client satisfaction is the top priority.

Let us create the perfect website for you!

Neale Website Design Packages

Web Designs for Authors offers Value Packages for one-of-a-kind Web Sites, also available in Harrison, Wardlaw, Oaklake, Vemo, Hallsburg, Lake Creek, East Waco, Downsville, Downs, Robinson, Riesel, Beverly, Bellmead, Waco, Ocaw, Beverly Hills, Asa, Battle, Elk, Rosenthal.

1) Basic Do-It-All-for-Me Writer’s Package: This package includes creation of a five-page website, registration of a domain name, hosting for one year, and one hour of website updating and/or maintenance within six months of initial uploading. This package is ideal for clients who are creating a website for the first time. Some limitations apply. Free Quote Available. (Additional services, including editing of images and photos and creation of larger websites, are available.)

  • Guestbook
  • Home page
    Scanned graphic of book cover
    Summary of book
    Link to site selling the book
    Email link
  • Author’s biography
    Scanned photo of author
    Information about the author
    Email link

Any optional page from the list below

2) Just-Make-the-Site-for-Me Writer’s Package: This package includes creation of a five-page website. This package is ideal for clients who are updating existing websites and have already registered domain names and purchased hosting services. Some limitations apply.Free Quote Available.

  • Excerpts page
    Sample page, chapter, or excerpt from the book
  • Bibliography (add $15.00 for each new graphic)
    Summary for each book
    Links to sites selling books

3) Custom Packages: Custom packages are available for small publishers and for writers.

We specialize in making web sites for writers and publishers. Let us create a web site to market your writing or books. All work is original. We can create a site from scratch or edit an existing site.

Free quotes available. All services are guaranteed.

Optional pages — $50.00 each

  1. Author’s schedule (book signings, school visits, speeches, etc.)
  2. Awards page
  3. Bibliography
  4. Book reviews
  5. Contest
  6. Excerpts page
  7. Guestbook
  8. Lesson plan (for children’s book authors)
  9. Resources page

Neale Press Releases for Book

Write a press release about your new site and send it to the local newspapers in your area. Be sure to include the name of the web site, an author’s bio and a brief summary of your latest book. Give enough information so that the newspapers know who you are, what you have written and where they can find your new website (no more than 2 pages). Be sure to send a photo. These days many newspapers prefer color photos to black and white. Important note: Address your press release to the Entertainment Editor to be sure it reaches the right person on staff and has the best chance of getting published.

Email Press Release Distribution in Neale

Include the same kind of information in your email press releases. We strongly advise against mass e-mailings or spam. Instead, target your news to publications and organizations that want to know about you. Contact clubs or organizations you belong to and ask them to publish the news of your new web site in their newsletter. If they have a website, ask them if they will post a link to your site. You can post a reciprocal link on your own site.

Local Press Contacts near Neale Texas

Give a phone call to your local schools, library, church and/or bookstores and tell them about your new website. At the same time, you can offer to do readings or book signings. Choose the appropriate venue for your type of book. A book about a serial murderer will not be of interest to a grade school or church, but it may be of interest to a literary group at a library or college.

Promotional materials

Promote your site on bookmarks, pencils or other inexpensive items. Pass them out at your school visits or book signings. If you have acquired a list of addresses from fans, send them a post card announcing your new website and invite them to visit the site.

Spread the word

Don’t forget to tell people you know in Neale about your new site. Writers of children’s books will find many parents receptive to their news. Writers of mainstream books, don’t forget about friends, family and acquaintances.

A website can be a powerful sales tool. If people like the book you bring to your school visits or book signings, they are likely to check out your website to see what else you have written.