Books to Collect or Sell or Not

Everybody collects something, could be just about anything such as books, comics, coins, stamps, postcards, trophies, etc. There is a collector out there for just about everything, sometimes the stranger the item, the more it gets collected. Sometimes things have collectible value, others times it is kept for sentimental reasons, and it just could be junk while others find it to be treasures.

People collect things for many reasons:  to keep for themselves, pass down to the next generation, share with their friends, exchange for money years later, or sell to someone else.  My things to collect are surrounded around books, postcards and vintage ephemera (old advertising, magazines, and even a collection of Boyd Bears).  My husband likes to collect comics and coins. Focus of today’s post is books.

Sharing my experiences about what books to collect or sell or not buy at all.  I have found that if you want to resell books to look for specific nonfiction books about such topics as cars, collecting coins, gardening, animals, how to’s, etc.). Books about philosophies, life views and religions have been big sellers for me. The stranger the book seems, the better it is to resell.  I like coffee table books because they are usually big and beautifully illustrated, but I have found been hard to resell.

I avoid Bestsellers because there are usually too many people trying to sell them because the market has been flooded with them.  Ever check Amazon for the booksellers trying to sell the book for a penny. No profit for me there. Great for the buyer who wants to read the book, but not for the seller who wants to make a profit.  I donate those books to local thrift stores, sell or give away on Craiglist and on another online site called Listia. More details will come on that site in an upcoming post.  Fiction books usually fall into this same category. Although intriguing to read the mysteries, romances, classic books, the resell value hasn’t been there for me.

The resale value is usually always small on encyclopedias, reader’s digest, dictionaries, old textbooks and books in poor condition (having no dustcover, spines are broken, highlighting and writing throughout.)

I go to library book sales, but I stay away from the library books with the markings and bar codes. There are many good books at these sales, but it is better to buy the books that have been donated to the libraries from private citizens.  I have found many new or like new books this way because a person thought they where going to get a chance to read it, but never found the time, so they donated the book to the library for others to read.

I have found that books that are signed first edition depending upon the author seem to keep their value.  I have found success at collecting old books from the past to have regained its value. I like especially old books with the decorative covers before the dustcovers.  I have several of these books in my collection.

So the question is, will all books you buy even if they are carefully chosen sell or have collectible value? The quick answer is NO!   You will end up with some books that just don’t sell or are just very slow in selling.  Chances are it will sell, but it can take a very long time, or it just may be time to recycle it!

There is a book called Modern Guide to Book Collecting, that covers all aspects of book collecting:  What to Collect, Who to Buy From, How to Care and more.  I don’t currently have this book in stock, but if you want to purchase it in eBook format it can be from by clicking this Link or buy the paperback book at by clicking this Link or at other online sites.  Hope that helps with your book collecting needs!

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Some Methods of Industrial Design You May Need Know

Can I take a glance at your portfolio? This is the most important question, as it shows style and skill regarding the website designer. If his portfolio does not, for example, possess any brochures, make sure you think twice about hiring him in this sort of project. Likewise, if anyone you are interviewing has many web design experience but small print design experience, you might choose to keep feeling.

There has been researching proving that blinking photographs annoy associates. If you want to them, though, use them sparingly. You wouldn’t need internet site viewers to recover from your page only mainly because of an annoying blinking graphic.


Offset reproduction

Offset printing is used for larger print jobs of 1,000 pieces and to # 1. The printer sets up a different plate everyone color and runs every print through each color plate to produce a final printed bit. This requires more setup on negligence the printer. But it enables both CMYK and Pantone colors to be utilized on the press, and allows for larger initial runs and also re-runs for more important print jobs.

If you are a small Austin site owner and you’re overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities of running your own business, stores consider operating a VA. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you almost all of those daily tasks that never seem to obtain done.

Print Campaign Budget

When deciding your campaign’s purpose, consider what is realistically practicable. What have you achieved with past campaigns, and what budget was allocated?

This situation illustrates the point that we attempt to make. Simple methods to solicit the response you want to hear by asking in a different route. Train your eyes and ears and see how can phrase your question to locate the results need.

Both start using techniques achieve a particular audience, to share or cause them to become take operation. Many work for marketing and advertising agencies. Other works for communication or marketing arm of customer products or business.

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10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Every week they post a new top ten list that bloggers answer the question and link up to see how everyone answers the question.

October 20: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me (a new book from a certain author,  a reading superpower, a library that is your absolutely #librarygoals, a character to come to life, to met a certain author etc. etc.) YOU DREAM IT AND THE BOOKISH GENIE CAN DO IT.

My Answer to the Question:

  1. I wish I could comprehend and speed read some of the books in my collection.
  2. I wish I had the ability to write a book and be on the top bestseller list.
  3. I wish my husband and I could have our own brick and mortar bookstore.
  4. I wish I had unlimited space to store books and it was organized.
  5. I wish I had unlimited money to buy books.
  6. I wish to get lost in reading books for several hours at a time.
  7. I wish some of the romance novels that I have read would become my life.
  8. I wish physical books never go out of style.
  9. I wish books would never fall apart.
  10. I would love to go to a book conference and meet the authors who write the books I read.


What do you wish about books?

Love for Books

How did my love for books begin? I have always loved books. First I only enjoyed reading them when I was a child. As my collection of books grew, I needed to make more room in my home for other things, so I started selling books on Amazon. Found out it works to make money, and it made room for more books to read. I had so much fun, so I kept hunting for books at local bookstores, library sales, thrift shops, auctions and of course garage sales. Do I have more books now than I had when I started years ago? Absolutely.

I got addicted to collecting books, and my interest in selling increased. For many years I collected and sold books only when I had a time or needed some extra funds. Circumstances changed, and now books are the main focus in my life. In 2012 my life changed for the better, I got married. My husband and I sell online full-time on Amazon, eBay, and our website. More to the story to tell for another day. Got to find a book to read, and another book to sell. Would love to hear your story about books? Feel free to share.